Thursday, June 17

Even if you skip the Epic Games Stores Black Friday sale, make sure you grab MudRunner for free – Destructoid

Save some cash on those timed exclusives

Even if you aren’t proactively hunting down Black Friday gaming deals, it’s still worth popping over to the Epic Games Store this week to claim MudRunner – a sim game about trudging through “untamed landscapes” with big burly vehicles while it’s completely free until Thursday, December 3.

That’s the same day the Epic Game Store’s Black Friday sale will come to a close.

What looks good? Watch Dogs: Legion ($44.99) is already 25% off a month after launch. There’s also Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 ($29.99), Ghostrunner ($23.99), Anno 1800 ($19.79), Crysis Remastered ($19.49), Ooblets ($19.99), Tetris Effect ($23.99), Saints Row: The Third Remastered ($27.99), Journey to the Savage Planet ($14.99), Wattam ($11.99), Maneater ($23.99), and Huntdown ($11.99).

Every time there’s a sale, I try to take stock of the timed exclusives – and I’m usually surprised by the results. If you’re coming at this from a similar mindset, Game Watcher has a solid running list.

Next week’s free Epic Store game will be Cave Story+ of all things. It’s an unforgettable adventure.


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