Friday, June 25

Killer Queen Black comes to Xbox Game Pass in January – TrueAchievements

December has only just started, and we’re already getting Game Pass announcements for January. Killer Queen Black is an eight-player “strategic action-platformer” that’s joining the Xbox Game Pass lineup on January 5th.

Killer Queen Black is a console release of a modern-day arcade favourite, Killer Queen. Players take on the role of a queen or one of three workers and battle it out against other opponents to win the hive. There are three ways to win a match, either by collecting enough berries as a worker, killing the opposing team’s queen three times, or by hopping on a slow-moving snail and riding it back to base. Developers Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games say that having a strategy in place to carry out these team-winning objectives is beneficial, but teams will need to be fluid and adapt on-the-fly.

The game seems to have gone down well over on Steam. From 336 reviews, Killer Queen Black sits with an overall “Very Positive” rating. The Xbox version of the game includes quick access for party and friends lists, updated voice chat, and supports crossplay between Nintendo Switch and PC players.

Killer Queen Black joins Xbox Game Pass on January 5th.

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